Julie Tkachuk

Live Your Dream


For decades I presented motivational keynotes and personal/spiritual development workshops at conferences, seminars, staff retreats and teachers' conventions in western Canada. I also organized, hosted and facilitated workshops at six wellness weekends for women in the Edmonton area. 


I completed a six-year intensive leadership program with major course focus on philosophy, counselling, coaching, organizational management, volunteer coordination, communication, living consciously, and, most notably, personal development. 

I feel that my natural and learned gifts, talents and skills are a perfect match for officiating at weddings and leading rehearsals.

As a writer, my book The Way Home: An Inner Path to Conscious Living was specifically designed to assist readers in creating more healthy, prosperous, fulfilling lives.

For over 10 years I wrote a bi-weekly personal development column for The St. Albert Gazette and articles of mine have been published in dozens of newspapers and magazines in Canada, the United States and  Australia.

Not only did my personal/spiritual development work allow me to make a positive difference in the lives of others, it also enhanced and transformed every aspect of my own life.

Prior to all of the above, I owned and operated a food processing company, was property manager of a large portfolio of rental properties and did contract work as an accountant/bookkeeper.

Just for fun: It is considered good luck for the bride to encounter a chimney sweep, black cat, lamb or dove on her wedding day. She will be especially lucky if she finds a spider in her wedding gown.

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