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Relax and Allow What You Want to Come to You

Posted on 17 January, 2019 at 10:20

Quite some time ago I purchased a small gift for a friend. It was something I also wanted and had thought of keeping for myself. But this friend and I were meeting for coffee and I decided I wanted her to have it. I was excited about giving it to her because I knew it was something she wanted. She was very happy to receive the gift and we both laughed loud and hard as she immediately handed me a box that contained the very same gift. Our small but meaningful gifts to each other were the “easy” buttons produced by Staples. Press the large red button and a man’s voice says, “That was easy.”

The two of us often discuss the difference in our results when we do one of two things: 1) attempt to control something into being, or 2) allow events to occur in their own manner and time. Having spent many of our earlier years trying to push people and circumstances into place, we have become committed to letting events unfold easily. I must admit that I am not 100 per cent successful at this yet, but I have certainly come a long, long way. I used to get upset when plans got cancelled, contracts were postponed, or people didn’t do what they said they’d do. Now I understand these things occur because something is not right, ready, or a fit for me. Here’s a recent example.

A cousin of mine and I had agreed to meet in Calgary. A few days of R&R felt like just what we both needed, and I was quite looking forward to the trip. But when my cousin and I spoke again, I found out that the relatives whose home we were going to stay at were experiencing some marital difficulties. My immediate response was that the last thing they needed was company. Shortly afterwards I realized a greater truth: the last thing “I” needed was to be someplace where the energy was full of tension and stress. Instead of calling and cancelling my plans, however, I decided to relax and allow. Lo and behold, the night before I was to leave for Calgary, a storm blew in and created poor highway driving conditions. The solution presented itself. I called my cousin and we postponed our trip.

Time and time again, synchronicities like this have occurred when I have taken my hands off the wheel of my life. There truly is a natural order of events and when I surrender to the Power greater than myself, things I experience and receive are far better than anything I could have controlled, manipulated or forced into being. I have a quote on a sticky note that I carry forward each week in my appointment book. It comes from the Abraham-Hicks material and it reads, “When you give up trying to control conditions and you instead just go with the flow of what feels best to you, then the conditions take care of themselves.” And they do, with absolute ease.

Now I’m not saying that we don’t take action and move forward. What I am saying is that we do so when it feels right and that when things aren’t working with ease and harmony, we step back and re-evaluate our actions and plans. I know for myself that each time I have so desperately wanted something to work and have pushed and contrived to make it so, both the experience and I have gone “splat.” Which reminds me of a quote from Isaac Newton: “To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.” To me, that means whatever I am pushing for will push back just as hard. Like when I pushed for my children to behave a certain way, they pushed against my expectations with an equal or greater will. And when I relaxed, they did too. Be easy on others. Be easy on yourself. Relax and allow the people, places and things that you want to come to you.

After our gift exchange, my “easy” button friend and I commented on how, when we unconditionally gave away that which we ourselves wanted, we both received what we wanted. So freely give away what you want. Give friendship. Give love. Give time. Give money. Before long, you will hear yourself saying, “That was easy!”

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published in The St. Albert Gazette February 17, 2007

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