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Wake Up!

Posted on 19 November, 2019 at 11:45

Are you awake? No, not the wake up in the morning, get out of bed and grab a coffee way but rather this kind of awake: Buddha was asked if he was a God. He said no, I am not a God. He was asked if he was an angel. His reply was no, I am not an angel. What then are you, he was asked? I am awake was his response.


“Awake” means being completely in the present moment. It means looking deeply within yourself for the ultimate cause of what’s going on in your life and being accountable for it all. It means consciously, as often as possible, speaking and acting in ways that take the high road. And it means having the willingness, openness and self-awareness to constantly grow, learn and become better at living an enlightened life. So, how do you do that?


Being fully conscious of where you are and of what you are doing and thinking at each moment is the first step. Yes, with the multitude of people, places, things and all the latest technological devices that demand your attention, being totally present takes practice. But oh, how enjoyable life becomes when you truly reside, more and more often, in the here and now. You will also find that being fully present physically makes you fully present mentally and emotionally as well. For example, when you drive to work, do you enjoy the drive or are you, in your mind, already at work?


Achieving an awakened state requires a disciplined mind … which then creates a disciplined life. Begin to discipline your mind by being aware of the thoughts you think and the beliefs you hold, for these determine not only how you feel, but also your life experience. Whether your constant or main thoughts are negative or positive, so too will be your relationships, your mental health and your body.


Everything you create in every aspect of your life is a result of your deeply held conscious and subconscious beliefs. That means your health, finances, well-being, happiness … everything you experience … is based on what you believe to be true, what you believe to be possible and what you believe is impossible.


You may say that the economy or your boss or the government is responsible for the condition of your life. And yes, what is happening in the world and “out there” is real and can affect you … if you let it. However, once awake, you will know that no matter what others do or say and no matter what happens “out there,” whether those things happen in your world or affect you really is your choice. Because what you think about, you bring about. So, as you consciously and deliberately focus on health, abundance and joy, the dominoes of disease, lack and unhappiness fall.


Awaken. Instead of reacting to outer events, constantly affirm that in your world, each person you meet treats you well, that you are perfect health and that you prosper, thrive and live a luxurious life. Think about what that means for you because marketers and companies that have things to sell are great at portraying that owning their products equals success. And sure, many of the gadgets and goods that are available for sale are lovely. Just remember that the state of your happiness, joy and fulfilment is what determines your successful feeling, not consumer goods. Nice things are nice and are fun to enjoy. But if you absolutely need those things in order to feel like a success, you might want to give that some thought.


Spend some of your present moment time thinking about what you really want from life, what really brings you joy and what truly is important to you. Then, focus on just those things as often as possible. When you are awake, creative ideas will surface. Pay attention, follow through on them and make yours a glorious, enjoyable, fulfilling, rich, full awakened life.


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