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Posted on 28 November, 2019 at 10:30

As my sister was being moved into palliative care, I offered to ask people to pray for her and bring her some books on spiritual healing. Her response was that she never felt like her life needed healing. I was shocked. Here was a woman dying of cancer, not willing to do other than follow doctors’ orders. After she died, I had time to reflect on her life. I realized that, like each of us, my sister was on her own journey … and our journeys were very, very different.


My mother had five children. Four of them have died of cancer. I, the lone healthy survivor, find it validating that out of all my siblings, I am the only one who plumbed the depths of my psyche, self-analyzed myself with a fine-toothed comb, resolved my personal issues, seriously questioned status-quo beliefs about disease, recognized that the mind-body-spirit connection is the key factor in maintaining health, committed to a life of thinking above the law of averages, exercised regularly and recognized that I am accountable for all that I create in my body and life.


Maybe you think that being accountable for everything in your life, including disease, means that what happened is your “fault.” But what if you come from a standpoint of power instead? If what is rumbling around in your consciousness (both conscious and subconscious) created disease, does it not stand to reason that your state of mind can be transformed into one that creates health and wellbeing? How great is it to know that you can heal and maintain your health?


However, we, as humans, in and of ourselves, cannot create healthy cells. On our own, we cannot even heal a minor cut. But the Divine in all of us sure as heck knows how. And when we do our part by getting our diseased, toxic, chronic, stressful, fearful, worried, anxious, negative, disease-affirming thinking out of the way, recognize our oneness with the ultimate Source of Health and place our faith in the One True Healer, we stand an amazingly good chance of achieving physical wellbeing.


I recently visited a friend in the hospital and, as I was walking through the massive building, it occurred to me that, in today’s world, disease is a very big and lucrative business. Around the globe, medical complexes, just like the one I was in, are full of expensively trained and paid staff and pricey state of the art diagnostic and surgical equipment. Pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars of profits, sadly from people’s pain and misery. And we are conditioned to believe that medical intervention is an absolute necessity.


Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate the medical community for all its advances and benefits. When my son broke his wrist, the hospital was the first place we went. Modern medicine has its place. But what if you were to expand your beliefs about health and wellness? What if you followed this wise counsel of Ernest Holmes: “With every pill we have prescribed for us we should also be given a creative prayer, a suggested way to correct our destructive patterns of thought.”


Sure, follow your doctor’s orders. But do your own inner work as well. Release your resentments. Forgive your trespassers … and yourself. Resolve your issues. Turn your fear into faith. Shift your focus on symptoms to affirmations of health. And heed this, the best advice my doctor gave to me decades ago after I received a diagnosis: “Don’t listen to anyone. Don’t listen to statistics. Listen to yourself.” I did just that, did not follow medical specialist’s orders to the tee, made some major changes in my life, affirmatively prayed that all true healing power rested in the Divine, and knew that I was Perfect Health. And so it is.


Do your own research and find what resonates with and works for you. There are many great online articles and resources. Google “books on spiritual healing," order the one or ones that you are drawn to, be an advocate for our own health … and most of all, BE WELL!


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